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Honey Creek - Menomonee River - Lake Michigan

Restoring the Creek to Reduce Flooding

Beginning in Greenfield, the Honey Creek flows north through Milwaukee, West Allis and Wauwatosa. There the creek joins the Menomonee River, which eventually empties into Lake Michigan. Being an urban stream, the plant and animal habitat within the floodplain is severely degraded, and the water quality negatively affected by urban runoff and bank erosion. During very heavy rains, the land and streets adjacent to the creek are subject to flooding. By widening the banks and restoring the creek, water can be contained within the channel and surrounding wetlands. Storm sewers will be able to function more efficiently, reducing the flooding that occurrs in streets and neighborhoods during heavy rains.

Honey Creek Watershed

The Honey Creek flows north through Milwaukee, West Allis and Wauwatosa, where it joins the Menomonee River, and eventually Lake Michigan.

Honey Creek Floodplain

Making improvements to the creek and storm sewer will reduce the chance of flooding.
The creek has become blocked with cattails and silt, which contributes to flooding during heavy storms.